A small Eurasian deer known for it’s nimbleness and grace.

The Company

Our primary focus is to provide market entry and business growth in the European marketplace for select aerospace comanies.

  1. Expertise

  2. -Sales and Marketing of products and services to manufacturers, airlines and related companies

  3. -Proven track record

  4. -12 years experience in direct sales for a major international aerospace corporation

  5. -Technical competence

  6. -Aircraft systems design experience (3 years)

  7. -Engineering degree (B.S.M.E.)

  8. -Multi-lingual (English, German, French, Italian)

Services Provided to Airline Customers* (2001-2011)

  1. -Airframe Heavy Maintenance and Modifications

  2. -Reinforced Cockpit Doors

  3. -Aircraft Inspections (Surveys)

  4. -Technical Type Training (B1/B2) for Multiple Civil Aircraft Types

  5. -Flight Attendant Training

  6. -Technical Team to Assist with Base Maintenance on Site

  7. -Rotable Repair and Overhaul

  8. -Composites Repair

  9. -Cabin / Cockpit Avionics Modifications

  10. -Seat Cover Refurbishment

  11. -Galley Equipment (Trolleys, Strechers, Bassinets, Meal Carriers)

  12. -Ground Support Equipment

  13. -Lightweight Carpet

*in conjunction with partner companies; covers multiple aircraft types

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